Adventurer's Guild

“If you are going to sin, sin against God, not the bureaucracy. God will forgive you but the bureaucracy won’t.”

To many, adventurers are viewed as homicidal sociopaths. Let’s face it, the average adventuring day involves accosting civilians for information and clues, murdering sentient creatures, looting and pillaging ancient family heirlooms and other national treasures; all followed by nights of boasting and heavy drinking at the local tavern. What constable or noble wouldn’t be nervous about bands of powerful individuals with equally powerful weapons and spells at their disposal roving the lands in search of glory and treasure? The Adventurer’s Guild provides a legal framework to legitimize these activities.

There are some key points to remember about the Adventurer’s Guild:

  • Neutral and Unbiased. The Guild accepts members from all nationalities, creeds, and races. Likewise, quest petitions are nearly universally accepted and posted, no matter how large or small. The only exception are requests for outright murder or theft, or petitions that break local laws and customs. (Even this can be circumvented, and the boards of many shadier guildhalls are studded with requests to liberate “stolen” cargo or bring certain people to justice.)
  • Subservient to Local Authorities. The Guild accedes authority all local and national organizations. Often the Guild will work hand in hand with local constables and militia. Also, all rewards, bounties, and loot are subject to both Guild and local taxes. Failure to comply with these tariffs can result in immediate expulsion from the guild.
  • Independent Contractors. Guild members are free to pursue any and all petitions they wish, or not pursue any at all. Membership only provides adventurers with license to pursue contracts, and members are not obligated in any official way to perform contracts. Adventurers may pursue their own investigations and explorations as long as they file a Writ of Intent with their local guild hall.
  • Absolutely Transparent. All applications, petitions, contracts and other guild documents are public record. Likewise, each group of adventurers, or party, must have a guild-sanctioned secretary to scribe the party’s activities in an adventurer’s log. Transparency has been the key to the Guild’s acceptance by the local populace, so the Guild takes this aspect very seriously.

Adventurer's Guild

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