Wellspring nestles in a valley, astride a river known as the Chill and between two arms of the Kadagast Mountains. The town’s folk are farmers and fishers. Cultivated farmland surrounds the community. Less than two miles away is Kord’s Tankard, a deep lake fed by runoff from the mountains. A Nerathi road winds down from a northern pass, heading south and splitting into a westward arm. Paved with cut stone, the roads still see caravans from the north.

The most common travelers, though, are pilgrims devoted to the deity Ioun and her saint, Estered. Each year brings another band of devout to the town’s center square. They pay their respects under an ancient statue of Estered, under which the mystic’s tomb is hidden.

Wellspringers, famous skeptics, can’t help but wonder if the statue actually marks the grave. They keep their doubts to themselves, since the pilgrims play an important part in Wellspring’s economy. To the pious, Wellspringers are gracious hosts quick to doff their caps to the statue.

Points of Interest: Estered’s Square Mindspire Castle Criswell Guild District Town Hall Low District Riverfront District Common District High District


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